This is the blog that will go with the book…

This is the blog that goes with the deed that started the idea that will turn into a book.

I want to write a book that affects me every day I work on it — not just the business of getting the words down on the paper, but in the way I live through the process of writing it.

I want it to be a little bit hard.

I want it to change me.

I’m starting a journey called ONE GOOD DEED. I will try to do a favor, take one detour, make a tiny difference in someone else’s life every single day for a year.

Where did this idea come from? A couple of things. Over the last two decades I’ve been very active in community work – mostly, but not exclusively, gay civil rights – and in the last few years I have slipped away from that work a bit. And then there’s an extremely rare occurrence on the horizon in my life.

I am about to have a distant relative canonized. My aunt remembers him from her childhood – the stories she tells are joyful, heartbreaking. Strange it may seem, but Brother Andre Bessette’s sainthood I know has subconsciously gotten me thinking about somehow paying it forward. (One of the great “pay it forward” things Brother Andre did was to take on the task of making sure Oratoire-St. Joseph, the grand Montreal cathedral, got built.)

What will it be like to do Something Good every day? Even something small? Will it change my daily outlook? Will I be scouring street corners for old ladies, trying to make them cross against their will, like an overeager Boy Scout? Will this become an albatross? Or will it become second nature, and improve my attitude and already optimistic outlook on life? At the end of a year, a month, a week, will I feel different in any way?

And how will I chronicle it all? Well, here, for starters. I’m going to post a couple of Good Deeds a week here that will later appear in my book.

If you’ve ever lost a job and tried to treasure the free time, recovered from something and promised yourself you’d live every day anew, gotten yourself out of trouble and vowed you’d cherish each dawn – and then found that life simply doesn’t work that way, that it always falls back into normalcy, then ONE GOOD DEED is for you. And me. It will be an unforgettable journey for me – and, hopefully, for my readers.

What I hope is that you all will follow me, maybe join in, make comments, and share good deeds of your own. Let me know what you think, please.

This project is neither about religion nor faith. It’s a quest about whether one year will help shine the light on this simple question: Where Is The Goodness?

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6 Responses to This is the blog that will go with the book…

  1. EllenB says:

    Erin, this is remarkable, but I expect no less from you. I have added it to my RSS feed and I am passing the blog on to all the right people, who have their hearts is all the right places. By the way, you know all the many good deeds you did for me last year and I will never forget them xxoo

  2. Maven Lady says:

    A big “Huzzah!” to you for embarking on this endeavor. Too often when we are in the midst of “left foot, right foot” we forget that sometimes we need to point our feet toward somebody else and find out what that person needs. I’ll be quite surprised if, in documenting a year of good deeds, you don’t learn a lot about the other people you help as well as yourself.

  3. John Hinze says:

    I love this idea, tried something similar in the past, but got bogged down by life. Never really gave it up, just stopped making it a focal point. Now I try to do good/nice things as often as I can & I know it has improved my karma. I make one suggestion; include yourself in your good deeds.

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