Don’t complain – Day 50

I feel like this situation happens just about every day.

I’m giving a party, and I’m at the local gourmet food store, ready to pay too much, and naturally I’m late for a meeting way across town. Actually, I this is my lucky day: I’m using a gift card, so the bill is no skin off my nose.


Right now, at this crucial (to me) moment, the register decides to start having problems. I can’t just dump my stuff and leave to get to my meeting on time, because I’ve put in a special order and have to pay for it now in order to pick it up later. I’m stuck.

I’ve been on the other side of a cash register. I’ve seen the likes of me, steaming. So I counted to ten – one of life’s most useful bromides – and kept my pie hole shut for once. I also willed myself not to fidget, a superhuman feat on my part. This particular store always has long lines, but also about the fastest checkout I’ve ever seen. So I know it’s the machine, not the person. Of course I want to tell her to hurry up, but I also know there’s nothing she can do: the damn thing is on the fritz. Not that there haven’t been about a billion times I’ve barked at someone anyway. But maybe, today, I won’t.

How long did I have to wait — 45 seconds? Two minutes? Did it make absolutely any difference in the way my day went? No, not a jot.  Did I feel better for not having been a jerk? Yup. Did she feel better for not having me snap at her? You bet she did.

It’s about the simplest advice in the world to give, and the hardest to keep:

Don’t complain.

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3 Responses to Don’t complain – Day 50

  1. Thanks, Denise. My goal is to jut do a “little better,” but sometimes keeping my yap shut is still a challenge!

  2. The effort taken to control one’s pie hole, sets the tone for those foaming, toe tapping pie holes lying in wait. Setting the tone, as you did, is just what that poor cashier needed. Kudos!!!

  3. peter bice says:

    eroneous mchughneous is a super super star

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