Buy Two, Give One – Day 113

I talk about books a lot here. Sorry, but I love them; they are my passion and have been the basis of my career for over 30 years.

Today I’m going to mention books yet again, but it could be about anything – food, clothing, toys, whatever.

In my store (yes, a bookstore), we run a Holiday Book Drive through a program called Reach Out and Read, which promotes early literacy through pediatric exam rooms. It doesn’t cost the store a thing. At every checkout, there is a selection of inexpensive kids’ books, and you are welcome to plop one into your pile of purchases (I know, I know, I’ve already spoken about how stores constantly busking bugs me back on September 13, but this is a little different).  The books are then distributed later to kids who may get no gifts at all during the holiday season.

There are lots of drives like this around the holidays: there’s even a box out in the lobby of my apartment building to donate food items for Thanksgiving. All I’m saying it that it occurs to me that it’s a great idea, and if you own a retail establishment, it almost doesn’t matter what you sell – light bulbs, toilet paper, juice, toys, pie, books, fruit, movie tickets, tacos, towels – you should put a box out, and make it easy for your customers to choose a selection from your wares and give a little. If you’re a customer, urge your local shops to start this practice. Make the first donation.

All I can think about is turkey right now. And you know if I go to the grocery store, stand in one spot and do a 360, I’ll see people who are wondering how they’re going to buy one.

Buy two. Give one away.

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6 Responses to Buy Two, Give One – Day 113

  1. Jen the Tiny says:

    I love the buy one, get one free sales at the grocery store. Living alone, it takes a while to get through even one jar of peanut butter, but if I can get a second one free, it goes into the Second Harvest Food Bank barrel, and at no more effort on my part than lifting a second jar into my basket. Sometimes I like to imagine what it would be like if everyone who could afford to did that just once every few shopping trips.

  2. Lydia says:

    Anne Lamott. “Ham of God.” YES.

    • I can only guess at this one. Want to elaborate, Lydia?

      • Lydia says:

        A great essay where on her birthday Lamott (who hates ham) wins a ham at a grocery store. She takes it so as not to be rude, telling herself somewhat sacriligiously that maybe it’s the “Ham of God” and will take away the sins of the world. Outside she runs into an old friend who is broke & has no food for her family – Lamott gives her the ham & gas money, telling the friend it’s a birthday present to herself.

        There’s always someone to share with, if we look. 🙂

      • Destiny! Great story, totally Lamott. Thanks, Lydia.

        (By the way, Bird by Bird is one of my Top 10 fave nonfiction books.

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