Just give – Day 229

Today is one of those days. And, at least as my life goes on, it seems they are coming closer and closer together.

Last night, a ferocious earthquake, followed by a devastating tsunami, hit Japan. I often say here that this blog, and the book that it will become, is not about giving money as a way to perform good deeds.

But today it is.

While they are saying on the news that hundred have died in Sendai, I can’t believe it won’t jump into the thousands before this is over. Earlier today, it looked like our own citizens, people from Hawaii and California, may also become victims of a tsunami. The dangers seems to have passed, but in that moment, in those hours you thought it might be you, or those you love, you knew a little of that fear: that you might lose your home, your life, your loved ones.

There will be plenty of benefits and ways to help. I wanted to start helping now. I texted 90999 into my phone, and in the message box, typed RED CROSS. In seconds, i got a message back that they had tacked $10 on to my phone bill. Big deal.

So do it, or something like it, and do it now. What if no one was doing the same for you?

Don’t waste a minute.

FRIENDS: I’d love to hear your comments here on ways you’ve found to help.

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2 Responses to Just give – Day 229

  1. Barbara G. says:

    Just came across this website looking for Socks for the people of Japan – pretty easy thing to do if you’d rather have something more tangible to give!


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