The Freebie – Day 244

Today I dragged some of my wares to a book fair and set up a table as an author. I shared it with a man who was selling titles from his small press. Almost the minute we sat down, he said, “Ooh, I loved these!” and snapped up two little gift books from a trio of titles I had laid out, part of a series I’d written a few years ago. I had a bunch in my apartment, so I thought I’d bring them out and have a bit of a fire sale, offering them at a discount.

This, I thought, is a good omen. I’d barely taken my coat off, and sold two books.

Not so much. The economy, the window shopping, the crowd — I don’t know what it was. An experiment, mostly, I guess, as it turned out to be not a particularly cost-effective venture. I had been asked if I would barter. (No, thanks, I’m trying to make a living here.) I heard a customer ask, “Do you have anything for $5?” (Nothing like being particular about what you read.) Still, we live and we learn, and what was the harm? I blew a day off, and I made my costs back for the day. Big whoop.

I packed up a little early, and thought, Leave on a positive note. So I reached into my box of books, took out out a copy of the title my new next-door friend hadn’t bought, and handed it to him. “Thanks for being my first sale,” I said, “and a good neighbor. I’m sure we’ll meet again.” Slightly shocked, he was, and thrilled.

A little something extra never hurts.

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2 Responses to The Freebie – Day 244

  1. Lydia says:

    That is what our dear friends in Louisiana call lagniappe, and it’s a wonderful thing. A veritable kiss from the universe. 🙂

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