Customer support – Day 284

I’m a bookseller, and after 30+ years all over the publishing industry, I consider myself pretty knowledgeable. But the customers in the store don’t know that, and there are some long days where you feel like just a faceless clerk.

So I was thrilled on my walk through the park today. Someone called out to me, and I turned to see one of my customers waving me over. Her name is June, and she and I had only recently met; so I trotted over, and she introduced me to her husband. She presented me with a great flourish and said, “This is the woman who helps me find good books.” What I heard was: “This is the woman who adds great joy to my life.”

I was thrilled, of course. Frankly, I feel like every time I match a customer to a great book, it is a very, very good deed. But I can’t write about that every day, can I?

Wait for it.

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4 Responses to Customer support – Day 284

  1. Anne Sadow says:

    Nicely done my friend!

  2. lomaurice says:

    I have been selling books for almost fifteen years and I know what you mean. Then there are the customers who approach you and ask if you’ve heard of a book called “The Help.” It’s all you can do to not laugh. Hard to believe anyone hasn’t read “The Help.”

    But most days, selling books, meeting book lovers, and sharing love of books is the best job anyone can ask for.

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