Best Trip to Target Ever – December 16, 2011

I’d been running around all day and was now uptown at my last stop, Target. I was trundling down the outside escalator at a shopping mall when I heard singing — incredible singing. And there they were, the Gospel for Teens Choir. Seems they’ve been on “60 Minutes” and everything else, but right now they were simply outdoors at a shopping mall in Harlem, singing their hearts out as if they were at the White House.

You know me. I started to cry immediately.

Now I had a bunch of bags, having bought lots of nice gifts for people (OK, actually I had bought the second coat for myself in two days), and I was tired and peckish and was planning to take a cab home. I took that money and gave it to their lovely choirmaster, and thought about these talented and devoted kids on the bus all the way home instead.

I’ll bet you could do something like that this week.

Happy Holidays.

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2 Responses to Best Trip to Target Ever – December 16, 2011

  1. Sara Hart says:

    You are the goodest deed doer ever! I’m not even kidding!

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