I saw something – March 8

Since the tragedy of 9/11, there has been an ad campaign in New York City on the subways and buses, urging people to keep their eyes peeled and report anything suspicious. It warns riders particularly about bags and packages that look like they might have been left behind. (Or…planted!) Everybody by now knows the ad’s tag line: “If you see something, say something.” Let the conductor know, or the driver, or a cop. Because we’re all in this together, looking out for each other, right?

This morning, I saw something. Oh, yes I did! A bulky, folded-over tote bag, left there on a bus seat. It did seem strange: if you had been seated there, how could you have gotten off without realizing you’d left it behind on the seat right next to you? So when I got up to changes buses a few stops later, I picked it up to bring to the driver. It was not heavy enough to be a bomb, I thought, but then realized I knew very little about bombs. Bravely, I peered inside.

One pair of socks, folded, a white T-shirt, and a pair of underpants. (Calvin Kleins, and clean, I think, though I figured I’d leave that part of the investigation to the authorities.) I left the bag with the driver, who didn’t even say a peep of a thank you, likely tired of overzealous citizens. Still, I felt pretty good about myself. Because, as we learned at our mother’s knee:

It only takes one.

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2 Responses to I saw something – March 8

  1. Howard says:

    once i was on a train around 1 am, and there was a bag that had been left behind at one end of the train. a nervous teenager let the conductor know through the intercom, so at the next stop we were held up while they took the bag off (it was full of clothes). all of us on the train had the same reaction: we knew the kid was doing the right thing, but we were annoyed we had been held up in the middle of the night. we just wanted to go home.

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