My bag of bags – May 17

I have a bag full of bags. I mean a big, honking, gigantic bag of bags. It’s so huge that I was too embarrassed to take a picture of it for this post. Let’s describe it as a bag large enough to put your autumn leaves in. And it’s full of tote bags.

I’m trying to do one better than Just Say No to a bag at the grocery store, or bring my own when I go shopping. I’m trying to give one away everywhere I go. And listen, they’re nice bags, too! And at this point, they span the centuries (that is, back into the 1990s). Events, gifts, conventions – I’ve got a thing for bags and I can’t let go. But I am vowing to myself to change my selfish ways, and give a bag away wherever I go. So if I’m coming to your house for dinner, or taking a meeting with you, or bringing you a birthday gift, expect it to come with a nice canvas tote bag. Or if not nice, “vintage.”

I intend to leave it behind, so don’t try to give it back. I’m in hoarding recovery — so please be kind and help turn my problem into a green solution. I’m eight down, with about 150 to go.

Help a hoarder.

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6 Responses to My bag of bags – May 17

  1. Chris Tomasino says:

    Oh God… I have HUNDREDS of tote bags!! People actually call me The Bag Lady. I ahve all kinds– but mainly not really nice ones, just ones I got free at conventions, charity events, etc. I carry bags inside bags. I am the recipient of tote bags my mother wanted to get rid of because SHE had too many of them. So it must be genetic. Maybe we should start a support group for Women With Totebags and the People Who Love Them.

  2. What a great idea! We don’t have that many tote bags, although they’re all we use now. But I think now when I give a gift, instead of buying a gift bag or gift wrap, I’m going to look for pretty tote bag. Wonderful idea – thank you!

  3. lomaurice says:

    You are not alone with the bags. I have my own pile. Good luck.

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