In Which I Apologize. Again. – June 8

I was waiting around the bus station in Providence earlier this week on my way back to New York, and I spied Stephanie behind the ticket counter. I know her name because I had a contretemps with her about a year ago, and I still felt crappy about it.

Let me first say that I was absolutely in the right regarding the facts in our argument, but it’s true, I acted like an a**hole. My bus trip consists of two legs, and I realized through some shoddy business loophole that it was cheaper if I bought two separate tickets, one for each part. Stephanie wouldn’t hear of it, and told me I had to buy just the one ticket, all the way through. It’s fair to say I raised my voice. It would not be a lie to say I told her, “That’s bullsh*t!” But to her credit, Stephanie came over to me in the waiting area after I stormed off with the disputed $16 in hand. I thanked her profusely, and apologized for my behavior. She was gracious.

But when I spotted her this week, I still felt like a heel. So when she was free, I stepped over to her window.

“Stephanie, right?”

“Uh-huh,” she said.

“Do you remember me? We had a big fight last year, and I was a jerk. You were very sweet, and I just wanted to come over and say hi, and apologize once more.”

A beat. Two.

“Oh,” Stephanie says. “OK. Hi. Thanks.”

So now I felt about 18% dopey, but also 82% better that I came over to apologize especially. Because if it’s one thing that really bugs me, it’s when people don’t say “I’m sorry.” They say, “Understood.” They say, “I see why you got upset.” Those are not apologies. Step up when you screw up.

Say you’re sorry.

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4 Responses to In Which I Apologize. Again. – June 8

  1. Great story! And I’m still using your notebook I got at Book Blogger.

  2. jaysquires says:

    I believe yours was the first blog I followed when I started my journey on Twitter. That was well over a year ago. It means one thing: you were successful in the challenge you accepted and decided to make it an ongoing thing. Correct? I admire that in you, Erin.

    • Thanks, Jay! You’re right: the actual One Good Deed Year went from my birthday, July 29, 2010 to July 28, 2011. Of course, every deed was not posted here, but happy to report the ONE GOOD DEED: 365 Days of Trying to Bed Just a Little Bit Better will be published by Abrams Books on September 1! Then you can read about all my mishaps! (And you can pre-order now if you like at, Amazon, or your local indie bookstore.) Thanks for the pat on the back, Jay. When you see the book, you’ll find not every day was easy!

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