How Small? – July 20

Now that ONE GOOD DEED, the book, is about to come out, people are beginning to ask me about the kind of things that happened in the book, or, basically, what I consider a Good Deed.

“Anything that makes somebody’s day even a teeny bit better,” is usually my short answer. An example? Yesterday I was in an elevator and a mail girl with a cart came racing toward me, clearly on a mission and with a timetable. “Don’t rush,” I called, and held the door open. Once aboard, we chatted briefly, and when she reached her floor she turned around, gave me a huge smile and said, “Thanks so much for holding the door.”

Tiny? You bet. Did I feel like a million bucks? Yep. But all I can think is, What if I had five moments like that every day? What if you did?

Nothing too small.

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2 Responses to How Small? – July 20

  1. Just had the opportunity to read your fantastic book in order to do a review. Absolutely loved it.
    Did you realize when you wrote it that you’d be inspiring women in India? 🙂

    • Incredible, Corinne! WordPress let’s you see what countries your readers hail from, and every single day I love to see who’s checking in. Did I expect it? No! Am I thrilled? You bet I am.

      Thanks for introducing yourself, and please send me a link to your review when it’s ready!

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