Two Years and Counting – July 29

Here it is my birthday again, which means it was two years ago today that I started my 365-day journey to do a good deed every day. That means that for another whole year now, I’ve gone back to an average Joe life, but one that has been changed, certainly. People are beginning to ask me now whether my Good Deed Year has changed the following year, the one that ended yesterday. And the answer is yes, it has. It’s almost as if I got myself in training, and have become more aware of living life outside myself. Do I do a good deed every day? Maybe not, but I try harder than I used to, and I’m dedicated to continue trying.

Let’s take today for example, shall we? A short while ago I was standing outside the very not nice nor terribly safe either bus station, waiting for the bus to New York City. A guy came up to me with his thumb and index finger almost touching and whispered…something, “What?” I asked. “Just a little change,” he breathed. I had six pennies, and felt crummy giving him just that instead of folding money, but he took it nonetheless. That didn’t feel great. A few minutes later, a grimy-looking guy comes over with a scrap of paper, a phone number written on it. “Can I use you phone to call this number so I can get a ride?” he asked. “I just got out of jail.” “No,” I said, but then I felt like a bum. Should I have felt bad, oh readers? Or was I right to play it safe? (And who thinks it’s a good call to tell someone you just got out of jail when you’re asking for a favor?)

BUT: I also visited two aunts this morning, went to the nursing home to visit some old family friends, and left them my phone number to call in case they needed anything. It’s not as exciting as meeting someone fresh out of the pokey, but I’m doing my best.

About ten days from now, ONE GOOD DEED, the book, comes off press. I can’t wait to see if others want to pick up the gauntlet and become inspired to — as the book’s subtitle says — “Be Just a Little Bit Better.” I hope so, because I can attest to this: life is a lot sweeter when it’s not all about you.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering? It’s not too late for you to start. Today I turned 60.

It’s never too late. Never.

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8 Responses to Two Years and Counting – July 29

  1. Faith says:

    Erin-I have pre-ordered your book and am excited to crack it open! You come from a long line of Irish story tellers who are looking down with grins on their faces and cocktails in hand. All of us who have been listening to you for lo’ these many years ARE SO FREAKING PROUD! hugs kid

  2. Jen says:

    Happy birthday! Looking forward to adding your book to my “reflection” shelf…the place I like to keep my inspirational books that I re-visit when I need a reminder that life isn’t about the drudgery.

    And I think your caution and hesitation were totally justified. Doing good deeds doesn’t mean opening oneself up to be a doormat. You still need to keep yourself safe, too.

    • Thank you, Jen. The one other person at the bus station said yes to the recently shackled guy, but he was much bigger!

      ONE GOOD DEED comes off press next week, and I’m on pins and needles. You can pre-order from anywhere if you like — in fact, pre-ordering helps an author enormously. Thanks!

  3. cait says:

    Happy Happiest Birthday Erin! I hope your day has been as amazing as you!

    I hope you’ll consider doing a signing in my store. I’ll pick you up anywhere that works for you. I cannot wait to see it 🙂

  4. pam holmes says:

    erin…i’m a friend of anne and richard’s. been reading your blog and can’t wait for the book to be published. i too have been on a similar journey (that’s what happens when a yankee from RI moves to the south nine years ago!) for the past three years yet i haven’t written a book or made it that official. i too had a birthday this weekend and it ended in a 0…50 on july 28th. happy birthday fellow Leo! thanks for sharing your journey. i have a feeling many will join you! pam holmes

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