Please, Mr. Postman – September 26

I just had to pass this along! An old friend had just purchased a copy of ONE GOOD DEED and went on a trip with it tucked in her bag. She had the book, but not my address. Think what you like about the US Postal Service and its recent troubles — some nice post office employee took the time to find me and send Cathy’s letter along.

The Letter

Thank you, Mister Postman, and a heartfelt thank you to Cathy for these kind words within. Reviews — from friends or strangers — don’t get better than this.

“When things move and stir a soul there are few words. Your ONE GOOD DEED has done that to me. Touched an emotional vibration. So I keep reading + laughing + weeping + sighing + speaking out loud passages to share.”

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2 Responses to Please, Mr. Postman – September 26

  1. Pam Holmes says:

    Truly amazing!!! That seems more like 10 good deeds! :). And her message is beautiful.

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