Darlene’s Good Deed – October 26

You all know that every once in a while I can’t resist passing along a message, letter or story from a ONE GOOD DEED reader. This one below touched my heart — and several hearts at my publishers, Abrams Books — when I received it a few days ago.

You may remember that earlier this month, Abrams and I wanted to do a good deed for all of you by giving away the e-book version of ONE GOOD DEED. Thousands and thousands of readers downloaded it, and I think we got as much a kick out of it as the readers did!

Darlene, who wrote this letter below, also downloaded the book. This is her story about wanting to give back…to me.


Dear Erin,

Thanks for e-mailing me. I recently got your book and am enjoying it immensely. I think it is a great idea and something we dearly need, more kindness!
My birthday is October 27th and I thought it would be a great idea for me to follow in your footsteps and do a year of daily good deeds. I, like you were, have been in a bit of a funk. Turning 54 doesn’t bother me so much….although getting “senior discounts” at 55 IS right around the corner!! LOL. But I wanted to find a way to get me out of my own way and in the present moment more often.
Anyways,I thought that following your idea was something I could do and would help make the world just a little bit nicer. I had planned on starting on my birthday by writing you a letter and telling you how great I thought your book and idea is and how much I am enjoying reading it..I am up to November and trying to slow down as I want it to last as long as I can. 🙂
And then,you would have found my first good deed. I want to send you a check for $20. You see,I got your book in Kindle form from Amazon and on the day I downloaded it, it was free. Your book is so inspiring and I want you to have compensation. You would have gotten paid for it, had I bought an actual book. My first good deed was to rectify that.
So, this is why I sent the e-mail asking for an address to send you a letter. In a letter you would have had the check and couldn’t turn it down. So, the ball is in your court; you could let me send you a check…..and you could donate the money if you felt weird about keeping it.
Well, Erin…that is everything I wanted to tell you. Thanks for getting back to me!
Kind Regards,

NOTE FROM ERIN: I wrote back to Darlene and told her I thought she should give the money to her favorite charity, or, since she was such a fan, perhaps send a copy of ONE GOOD DEED to a friend. By the time my e-mail reached her, she had already done the latter.

Thanks, Darlene, for your first good deed. And Happy Birthday!

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