Holiday Cards – December 1

I started to put together a list of people to send holiday cards to today. And yes, I say holiday cards because though it’s Christmas for me, I do send about half my cards to friends who aren’t Christian — so though my home is already equipped with a trio of tinsel trees and a Christmas countdown clock (with plenty more stuff to come), I make sure my cards carry a more universal message, Like “Joy,” or “Peace,” or “I hope we win the lottery together next year.”

People seem to have gotten away from the Christmas card thing — I guess because it’s time-consuming, expensive, and easier to send an e-card. But I started sending them again a few years ago to a select list: folks I had encountered, done business with, or befriended during the year. I just want to thank them, update them, or simply keep in touch. Some friends and relatives receive them, too, of course — anyone to whom I want to say, “You were a part of this last year for me. Wanted to send my best.”

Then, as I was working on this year’s list, I heard about Holiday Mail for Heroes — people from all over are writing a holiday message to a recovering soldier:

Holiday Mail for Heroes
P.O. Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456*

Frankly, I was a little ashamed I hadn’t thought of this already all by myself — evidently this sort of effort had been going on for years. But now I’m going to take a handful and send them along to some people who really made a difference in this last year for me.

Won’t you join me?

Send your very best.

*NOTE: Do not send mail to Walter Reed Hospital — that facility is now closed. “Holiday Mail for Heroes” is managed by the American Red Cross. Please try to mail your cards by December 7 for certain delivery.

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4 Responses to Holiday Cards – December 1

  1. Darlene Roudebush says:

    What a wonderful idea! Count me in!

  2. I love to send holiday cards; it brings me joy to remember people who mean something to us and to connect with them in this way. I saw the Holiday Mail for Heroes on Facebook and intend on sending cards there as well. Thanks for the reminder.

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