Valentine’s Day 2013

Those of you who have read ONE GOOD DEED, the book, will remember the tradition I started (a tradition with myself) of sending Valentine’s Day cards to friends and relatives who are old, alone, heartbroken or just plain need a virtual hug. I almost blew it this year, but managed to get to the post office with a dozen or so at 8 am Tuesday morning, so hopefully the love will arrive today.

To those of you who have not bowed to what many consider a “Hallmark holiday,” how about this: call one person today who needs a little love. Doesn’t matter who it is. For all its commercialism, there’s something great about a day that’s devoted to love.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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5 Responses to Valentine’s Day 2013

  1. I was feeling kind of meh about Valentine’s Day this year, so commercial, blah blah blah, but you put it back into perspective. Now I’m glad I sent a few cards out.

  2. Faith Barry says:

    Hugs to you Erin! Teddy the dog and I just enjoyed a great walk along the sunny shores of Buzzard’s Bay-quiet except for the sounds of chainsaws!

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