Confused – April 1

This weekend I went to my hometown library, the one where I borrowed every Nancy Drew book, and when I had finished those, lit into the less satisfying Hardy Boys and Cherry Ames series. I had recently discovered my library didn’t own a copy of ONE GOOD DEED. I suffered through a range of emotions, of course, chief among them miffed and pained. So I drove over and gifted them one, inscribing it “A Devoted Cardholder Since 1962.”

There’s a tiny part of my heart that worries that this was shameless self-promotion. But I had noticed that a couple of the surrounding towns had copies of my book, and that they were often checked out. So…gifting this was a good deed, right?

Sharing is good.

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10 Responses to Confused – April 1

  1. Cathy says:

    Anyone who dedicates themselves to making the planet a nicer place to live is not depicting “shameless self-promotion”. Rather, hope and an example of how we can all behave in a kind and caring manner. Thank you, once again for leading us down the path of “goodness”! Have a good day!

  2. Gifting a book to a library is always a good deed.

  3. Darlene Roudebush says:

    Hey,I thoroughly enjoyed your book and I think you did a Good Deed making sure that if someone else wanted a good read at that library…they can now get it!! I think it is a great addition to their library.

    How can it be a “shameless self-promotiom” when they are going to borrow it free from the library? Maybe more will follow your lead and try to do One Good Deed each day….it’s all good!!

  4. Faith Barry says:

    What? I asked them if they were getting your book last year! And was told they would look into it. I’m sorry I didn’t follow up-and no-not shameless self promotion–another GOOD DEED!

  5. nancy lawrence says:

    A very, very good deed. xoxo

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