Memorial – May 27

As we remember and thank all the military today, droves of Americans also head off to their geranium-ready farm stands and garden centers to prepare and visit the graves of their loved ones. Annuals are planted, and whispered messages and more than a few tears are left at the cemeteries, too. You all may remember that my ONE GOOD DEED journey started on a day where I tended my parents gravesite, and I was there this weekend again, sending telepathic words of love and prayers asking for help as I move along on this earthly path. I also made two very sad condolence visits, one for one of the Cranberry Surprise Pie girls, as OGD readers will remember them. And then, to top off my rainy few days, I stopped by my young cousin’s new store in our tiny village. She is also named Erin, and it was grand to see something new and shiny and exciting after these bittersweet episodes. Life goes up and down and up again. Wouldn’t be worth it any other way.

Memories make the life.

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2 Responses to Memorial – May 27

  1. Kathie McElroy says:

    THANK YOU for sharing your heart and viewpoint. I look forward to your postings and appreciate your work.

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