How It Should Go – June 29

This is the way a day should go. Or at least a little part of it.

We gift wrap for free at my bookstore, and in this “added value” world, it’s a very popular perk. So I was touched when a little old lady fumbled around for two crumpled singles to give me when I finished wrapping her books and having a nice chat. After one round of “Oh, no, I couldn’t possibly,” I pocketed it. Bookselling is not a high-paying job, and she was happy to offer it.

As I left work later on, I spied my old friend, Thomas, across the street. Those of you have followed this blog (see August 18, 2010 post), or read ONE GOOD DEED, the book, will remember him as a neighborhood regular, part-homeless, all-deep, gorgeous baritone. He has grown older and thinner in the last couple of years, rarely sings, and I haven’t seen him all winter long. Of course I feared the worst. But there he was now, new striped shirt, summer straw hat, greeting folks he knows from his seat outside the drug store. Truth is, I had to stand in line to say hi.

I kissed him. I hugged him. Of course — what else? — I gave him the two dollars.

It ain’t much. But it’s the way the world should go.

Give and take.

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8 Responses to How It Should Go – June 29

  1. Darlene Roudebush says:

    That was perfect! I am glad he is still around to give and receive love and gifts!

  2. lomaurice says:

    What a great story. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kathie McElroy says:

    Erin McHugh, you are awesome! As always, thanks for sharing your delicious stories and experiences.

  4. pam holmes says:

    makes me smile erin. thanks for brightening my day with this story.

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