Thankful – November 24

I race-walked home from work as fast as I could tonight — the weather had finally turned, and it was 26 degrees with a wicked wind. I was eager to get home, cozy up, and make a meat loaf, so dropped by my local grocery store for some supplies. At the checkout there was a display with tear-off tickets for $1, $3, or $5. Now you know I try to not make good deeds about money. But when I saw these options I couldn’t resist. It all fell into place: bitter cold, Thanksgiving, and this little ticket, which advised me that if I just handed it over to the cashier, I would feed five people through a New York food bank. For one dollar.

Please find your ticket to help some way this week of thanks, won’t you?

Show your gratitude.

Check-out hunger

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1 Response to Thankful – November 24

  1. I just love stopping by your blog to get refreshing ideas for goodness sake. Thanks for your continued inspiration. Happy Thanksgiving!

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